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Modified Image. Original by Khoshhat, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
Recommencement of Comic Work
Posted On: 25 Aug 2022

Though the decision should still be considered somewhat tentative at this time, I am currently planning as of Q4 2022 to resume working on comic projects.

The first item slated for revival will be the Ellipsis Remaster project. Ellipsis was a 4-panel comic that ran for 65 strips back in 2011 before going on indefinite hiatus. It received a potential reboot in 2013 that was shelved after only 6 strips. Remaster was a project started in 2017 with the intent to refurbish and finish the storylines from both iterations in full color. Not only will I be continuing this endeavor, but I intend to surpass my original intent by further increasing the physical dimensions of each strip. Unfortunately, yes, this requires going back and redrawing old work (which, I admit, is something of a bad habit of mine). However, I feel it's a worthwhile consideration given that the original panels were only approximately 250 by 350 pixels in size. Small canvases can be more difficult to work with in terms of detail and linework. Will I really be content with the end product if I acquiesce to my past self's odd conservatism? Besides, if Murata Yuusuke can redraw and retcon chapters of One-Punch Man, then perhaps I need not be so harsh on myself for being a bird of a similar feather (even if that makes me a goofy flightless bird)!

I do not plan to serialize this project in my typical piecemeal fashion --neither publicly nor as exclusive content for Patreon/Ko-Fi supporters. Rather, I intend to release this project as either one singular large volume or 2-3 smaller volumes. Given my track record with every single previous comic project, I feel it's in my best interest to pick the option that works well with my schedule, pace, and concurrent efforts.

Ganbatte, me.